Variety Flavors

$21.50 USD

Our Variety Flavors has some Classic, some Favorite and some Surf 'n' Turf donuts in there. We thought it would be a great way to get all the original flavors in one bag! Your dog will thank you.

TC Classic:

Crude Protein 12.76% Min

Crude Fiber 0.96% Max

Crude Fat 9.75% Min

Moisture 72.6% Max


TC Favorite:

Crude Protein 13.55% Min

Crude Fiber 0.65% Max

Crude Fat 10.87% Min

Moisture 72.89% Max



Surf n Turf:

Crude Protein 14.11% Min

Crude Fiber 0.63% Max

Crude Fat 7.49% Min

Moisture 63.09% Max