See What All of Our Customers Are Barking About!

"Roxy's coat grew almost two inches during one month of eating TC Raw Eats, in addition it being fuller. She had more energy, and when we visited the vet, she commented on how healthy Roxy looked. Her stool was so easy to clean up. It was great ! Roxy loved the food. She literally inhaled it!”

"Feldy devoured his food! I am so happy I was introduced to TC Raw Eats! P.S. I loved that you labeled Feldy's food with his name. Nice touch!”

"Biggs is happy and energetic when eating TC Raw Eats, and he's much more excited to eat than usual! He is always excited to get it. Sometimes he comes to get me to feed him, which isn't usually a thing.”

"Greta & Gordy love their TC Raw Eats! We believe they are truly thriving on it."

"Zelda cannot wait to get into her TC Raw Eats. Her kibble would sit uneaten for hours. Now she’s done eating almost by the time we put it in her bowl! She loves it! She slimmed down to her normal weight, has more energy, and her poops went from messy and 4 times per day, to a solid twice per day like clockwork. Fantastic stools."
" If you are similarly obsessed with your animal friend(s), you will LOVE this place. My dog Ollie has been a big fan of their doggie donuts for a few years now. His teeth, his coat, his eyes, and perhaps most importantly his poo have all been just stunning due to TCRE's well conceived raw food offerings."