About Us

I wondered how well TC would get along with my dog, Magnum. They hit it off. I now had not just one, but two tribute's to one of my favorite TV shows, "Magnum P.I."

After completing culinary school and then working in the catering world, Magnum and TC were always by my side. Every moment had some element of the two of them included. We took hikes 3-5 times per week. They hung out on the couch and in the kitchen with me (hoping something would magically appear on the floor as I was cooking). When we were apart they were always in the back of my mind. Sadly, Magnum left us at the young age of 8, about a year after he and TC had become brothers.

The veterinarian did an MRI and found TC had a slipped or herniated disc. A very pricey surgery left TC paralyzed. Recovery time for dog paralysis varies from a few hours to months post-surgery. With TC, paralysis persisted for months.

TC was receiving therapy and acupuncture to help, but nothing was getting him back to walking.

Feeling desperate and looking for help, I decided to do whatever I could to improve his health and a speedy recovery. As a chef, I turned to his diet. Finding recipe ideas and learning everything possible about homemade dog food, I started making TC's food from scratch and infusing the new diet with eggs, yogurt, fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, tripe, and organ meats that would contribute natural probiotics, enzymes and clean sources of protein. I must say, in the beginning, I was amazed at the number of fruits and vegetables that I was putting into his food.

After almost eight weeks of paralysis with little to no improvement, TC had a grand mal seizure. It seemed like we had come to a crossroads. In my mind, TC wasn't getting to be a dog, and it seemed like it wasn't fair to TC to force him to endure this sub-canine-like life. The veterinarian recommended an MRI to look for a brain tumor and an X-ray to check the surgery. It was all expensive, but I finally got some good news. TC didn't have a brain tumor!

The next step was steroids. Soon enough, TC was walking, sluggishly at first, but walking! There were some hints of equilibrium and balance issues at first, but he was walking! TC's meal recipe was adjusted over time and improved to fill his body with vitamins and nutrients that kept his body recovering. A healthy TC lived and walked another three years, steroid-free.

TC's hiking days were few, but those were a minimal sacrifice to have a happy dog who was back to being part of the family again.

I feel TC's diet of raw food helped keep my best friend healthy and near my side for a few more years. I firmly believe TC's health and ability to heal from his injury would have been easier had I started raw feeding from the beginning. But we live, and we learn. Raw food gives your pet the vital nutrients and enzymes that help with muscle, organ, and bone development.

Feed your furry friends nutrition that will keep them around longer. I highly recommend it. PLUS, in my experience, your vet bills will be lower to non-existent!


-Billy Walsh